The Showhouse is the Cashiers Historical Society's largest annual fundraiser, providing critically needed funds for operations and the preservation of historical buildings & grounds. Taking the Showhouse virtual is a huge financial impact on our organization. We are beyond grateful to have your unwavering support during this difficult time by purchasing a ticket today!



1940 HWY 107 S

PO Box 104

Cashiers, NC 28717

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The Cashiers Historical Society is a 501c3 organization that honors and protects the historic past of North Carolina's Cashiers Valley. 

Through thoughtful educational platforms and the preservation of the Zachary-Tolbert House, Colonel John's Cabin, the dependency and the Hampton School, CHS is maintaining the legacy of a historic place and your support is vital for its future. 

Please consider a financial contribution either by mail or online.

Volunteer support is always needed and sincerely appreciated. 

Your help will preserve this magical place  for future generations.