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About CHS

CHS Buildings Are Open
Friday & Saturday
11AM - 3PM
Mid-May-Mid October or by appointment 
​​​​Trails and grounds are open year round.
Open daily from dawn to dusk
All dogs must be leashed, please

The grounds of the Zachary Tolbert House are open to visitors throughout the year. The pristine rolling, 5+ acre site features wooded walking trails that lead to points of interest, including the Tolbert and Zachary springs, the Tolbert Rock and an early privy.


Ongoing archeological activity over the past 10 years has uncovered pottery, square head nails, and Cilvil-War era coins. Experts and volunteers are seeking clues to determine the exact locations of long gone outbuildings. The adjacent Dowden Pavilion houses the offices and facilities of the Cashiers Historical Society. With its modern catering kitchen and spacious, open breezeway, the pavilion is a popular choice for community events as well as private affairs throughout the year. 


Cashiers Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the identity of Cashiers through recognition of its history in publications, awards and projects.


A few years ago the Cashiers Historical Society began taking a more proactive role in raising awareness for our valley’s historic buildings. With the advice of top preservation professionals, we began by making a list of buildings in our village that are at least fifty years old located within a mile or so from the central crossroads of Highway 107 and Highway 64. Our growing list includes nearly 100 buildings, each needing close examination and careful recording. This kind of study is called a “Historic Sites Survey.” We have completed and published three phases. 


Check out our calendar to learn more about our events and seasonally activities.

Our Location

1940 HWY 107 South, Cashiers, NC 28717

Over the years CHS has created several series of publications:


Historic Sites Survey I-III

Faces & Places Places of Cashiers Valley I-III

These were lovely crafted in the efforts to document a community that is grounded in its own special place and the particulars of this specific place that play a vital role in any story told. It was the intent of these works and exhibits to photograph historic properties in Cashiers Valley together with the stories of those people who've made these places significant in our community memory. Nationally recognized photographer Tim Barnwell made these tales come to life. It is his life work to document through images and oral history his love of Western North Carolina and the people who have been shaped by it. 

We invite you to share in this vision and hear the stories your community has to tell. 

Our Publications
CHS Presents the Faces and Places of Cashiers Valley Book

The wait is finally over for the much anticipated Faces and Places of Cashiers Valley book. This award winning work includes all four phases of the Faces and Places of Cashiers with a compiled history of the Cashiers Valley. With the help of talented photographer Tim Barnwell, the historic places and stories of the people who have called this great area home for many years are illustrated with exquisite detail

Books are priced at $80.25

(price includes sales tax).

To purchase a copy, please either call the office at 

828-743-7710 or email us at

or purchase at our office next to the Zachary-Tolbert House

Faces n Places
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