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Cashiers Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the identity of Cashiers through recognition of its history in publications, awards and projects.

A few years ago the Cashiers Historical Society began taking a more proactive role in raising awareness for our valley’s historic buildings. With the advice of top preservation professionals, we began by making a list of buildings in our village that are at least fifty years old located within a mile or so from the central crossroads of Highway 107 and Highway 64. Our growing list includes nearly 100 buildings, each needing close examination and careful recording. This kind of study is called a “Historic Sites Survey.” We have completed and published three phases.

The success of Faces and Places of Cashiers Valley Phase I exceeded all expectations. Tim Barnwell’s exquisitely rendered photographs together with the personal memories and musings of his Cashiers’ subjects produced a deep and meaningful impact whenever and wherever they were seen. Sadly two of the subjects are now deceased, enhancing the preciousness of both the images and the stories.

Phase I was celebrated at the opening of the newly-renovated and preserved County Court House in Sylva, at the Mountain Heritage Museum of Western North Carolina, on the Cashiers Historical Society grounds for the Pinnacle Society, the Albert Carlton Cashiers Community Library, and now has residence in the renovated Tolbert Kitchen Dependency available for all who tour our grounds to see. Under the direction of the then director, Lydia Doyle and thanks to a grant from Wade Hampton Golf Club Fund, the exhibit also inspired photographs and stories by the school children of Summit School and Blue Ridge School, securing the ties to the past well into the future as Cashiers children learned to treasure and express their own sense of this special place. We are current;y working on the fourth phase of Faces and Places, which will be available in an elegant coffee table book.


The activities of the Cashiers Historical Society encourage people to stop, look, and listen. A sense of community is strengthened and an appreciation of the heritage of the Cashiers area is kept alive through seasonal activities such as Founders Day, Academic  Symposiums, Oral Histories, Interpretive Exhibits, Historic Site Surveys, Traditional Workshops and Demonstrations, and History Rambles.

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The Cashiers Historical Society is a 501c3 organization that honors and protects the historic past of North Carolina's Cashiers Valley. 

Through thoughtful educational platforms and the preservation of the Zachary-Tolbert House, Colonel John's Cabin, the dependency and the Hampton School, CHS is maintaining the legacy of a historic place and your support is vital for its future. 

Please consider a financial contribution either by mail or through our social media portals. 

Volunteer support is always needed and sincerely appreciated.  Your help will preserve this magical place  for future generations.

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