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The Hampton Schoolhouse

Est. 1851

On August 8th, 2018, the Cashiers Historical Society welcomed the 1891 Hampton Schoolhouse to its property. Donated by the High Hampton to help protect it from demolition due to the recent expansion project, the schoolhouse will sit on the CHS property in perpetuity. For over  128 years, the schoolhouse stood and exchanged hands, and now CHS is returning it to its' former glory. 

Restoration work progressed quickly with the help of Jennings Customs Homes and under the heading of preservationist Ken Fisher. Special thanks to Jim and Shelia Hodges and Charlie and Barbra Tickle as well. Along with many thanks to everyone who has made this project happen and come to life! 

The fact that we are able to preserve another building with deep roots to the community is wonderful. It embodies our mission here at CHS.

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