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The largest annual fundraiser for the Cashiers Historical Society
Past Showhouses
High Hampton
In 2022 CHS brought the Showhouse to Fieldstone, the newest neighborhood in The Club at High Hampton. Tradition Reimagined; a home built and designed for a classic mountain retreat. 
Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 4.07.18 PM.png
Cashiers Historical Society
In 2021 CHS brought the Showhouse to our beautiful grounds, where Diamond Brand Gear glamping tents were designed by six renowned regional designers! 
2021 Cashiers Designer Showhouse logo
Silver Run Reserve
In 2020 CHS partnered with the nearly 300 acre Silver Run Reserve to showcase a 3,000-square-foot Mountain Modern Cottage.
2020 Cashiers Designer Showhouse logo
Black Rock Preserve
The 2019 Showhouse took a step back from the hustle and bustle of big city life and let into a relaxing getaway cabin in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.
2019 Cashiers Designer Showhouse logo
Fox Tail at Lake Glenville
In 2018 the Showhouse sat on a grassy knoll overlooking Lake Glenville, inspired by the old chateaus of southern France and northern Italy.
2018 Cashiers Designer Showhouse
Past Chairs
The Cashiers Historical Society would like to thank all of our benefactors, donors, guests, sponsors, and volunteers who have helped to produce nearly three decades of successful designer showhouses. A very special thank you goes to our past chairs, who have offered countless volunteer hours and leadership in support of the Cashiers Historical Society.

2023 Ellen Turner & Stacie Platt                                                       High Hampton
2022 Ellen Hughes & Carolyn Glisson                                             High Hampton
2021  Kat Ford & Kirk Moore                                                             Glamping at Cashiers Historical Society

2020  Melissa Warren Hudson                                                          Silver Run Reserve

2019  Kirk Moore                                                                                 Black Rock Preserve

2018  Ansley Pridgen, Sheila & Jim Hodges                                     Fox Tail at Lake Glenville

2017  Sheila & Jim Hodges                                                                  Cottage Walk

2016  Maxine Sikes & Sally Shropshir                                              Burt Farm

2015  Gayle Eby                                                                                    Goodman Cottage

2014  Gayle Eby                                                                                    Hilliard House

2013  Kathleen Rivers                                                                          Serenity Acres

2012  Lynn Wirth                                                                                 Lone Chimney Lodge

2011  Linda Pellegrini                                                                          Reflections

2010  Susie & Denny Goode                                                              Whisper Fade Cottage

2009  Joanie & Ed Michaels                                                               The Nancy Hanks House

2008  Elizabeth Rodriguez & Skip Ryan                                          Mountain Top Farm

2007  Millie Lathan, Marjorie Dunn & Jeri Rosedale                     The Lodges at Millstone

2006  Alice Scanlon                                                                             “On Golden Pond,” The Johnson Home

2005  Ann Hastings Viehman & Cassandra Manley                       The Homestead at Lonesome Valley

2004  Alice Stanly & Darla McBurney                                              The Albury-Chaiken House at the Point at                                                                                                                  Lake Glenville

2003  Sarah Nelson & Doreen Hastings                                           The Pinnacle at Pinchot

2002  Ann Austin, Margaret Kaminer & Carol Kennedy               Casa Dela Cuesta at Hampton Forest

2001  Anne McKee, Ann Austin & Carol Kennedy                          Canoe Cottage & Hickory Cottage

2000  Ann Austin, Wendy Dowden, Daneen Griffith &                 The Howerdd Home                                 Anne McKee

1999  Wendy Dowden, Daneen Griffith, Anne McKee  &               Old Toll House Property                             Kathleen Rivers

1998  Anne McKee, Wendy Dowden & Ann Austin                        The Hooper House on Cashiers Lake

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