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Weiss Interiors
Highlands, NC and Atlanta, GA

Professionally trained in ballet, but self-taught in interior design, Doug’s path continues. The current stop? Highlands-Cashiers, where Doug and his husband recently purchased a home, with an intention of eventually relocating permanently from Atlanta.“We all evolve,” says Doug. “And so must design.” Along each step of Doug’s journey, his design choices have evolved. As the world has seemingly gravitated towards “comfortable,” Doug’s natural, classical-yet-comfortable aesthetic has likewise evolved–especially now, with his entry into theHighlands-Cashiers market, where the entire lifestyle is all about comfortable chic! Quality and sophistication–distinctive colors and textures, an expert eye on scale, and exceptional craftsmanship–are the hallmarks of his style. As an interior designer for more than two decades, Doug has completed a wide range of projects, from individual rooms to whole homes (first, second or more) and even office spaces. Doug has been featured locally and nationally in a variety of publications, and has participated in several designer showhouses, including inAtlanta, also sponsored by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. But perhaps what Doug is most proud of in his career is how many of his clients have become true and sincere friends. As a designer, Doug knows that happy people need happy homes. Doug recently partnered with client, entrepreneur and friend, Vanessa Delmer. Both share backgrounds in dance, design and with names that start with “D”, @the_letterD was formed, an Instagram collaboration showcasing each partner’s unique perspective of the world at large. In Atlanta, Doug invests significant energy into the local performing arts community–as President of the Atlanta Ballet Corps de Ballet Board; as host of both the Atlanta Opera Ball andAtlanta Ballet Ball; as host (with Vanessa Delmer) of the Atlanta Ballet Luncheon. And now, Doug is looking forward to becoming an active participant in the Highlands-Cashiers community as well!

Designer: Douglas Weiss

Room: Bedroom 3

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house 2.png
Doug Weiss Pic.jpeg
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Bedroom Drapery Jim Thompson Fabric


Item # DW0001
place holder.png

Cashmere Throw


Item#  DW0005
place holder.png

Desk Chair
Jim Thompson Fabric


Item# DW0009
place holder.png

Oushak Rug in Bedroom


9’-01” x 12’-03”

Item# DW00013
place holder.png

Indian Quilts, pair

$240 for pair 

Item# DW00017
place holder.png

Sofa Bed – 91”
Jim Thompson Fabric


Item #DW0002
place holder.png

Column Marble Lamps, pair With custom shades


Item# DW0006
place holder.png

c. 1930’s Chinese Porcelain Lamp on Desk with Jute String Shade


Item# DW00010
place holder.png

Commissioned Painting behind Desk By Brittany McGraw


Item# DW00014
place holder.png

Framed Triptych Print By Barloga Studios


Item# DW00018
place holder.png

2 Pillows with Trim Jim Thompson Fabric

$630 for pair

Item #DW0003
place holder.png

Leather Ottoman


Item# DW0007
place holder.png

Small Black Sculptural Table


Item# DW00011
place holder.png

Pair of Paintings by Brittany McGraw

$1,680 for pair

Item# DW00015
place holder.png

1 Corded Velvet Pillow Jim Thompson Fabric


Item # DW0004
place holder.png

Metal Tray


Item# DW0008
place holder.png

Basket under Desk


Item# DW00012
place holder.png

Display Ladder


Item# DW00016
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