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Helping Hands


Join us on the CHS grounds where six glamping tents, designed by renowned designers, will represent the 2021 Showhouse!

CHS has created a narrative of design since 1998 and we couldn't have done it without the support of our generous and talented volunteers! Are you interested in glamping with us in 2021? Click the link below to sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Thank you to all of our 2021 volunteers!

Annette Thompson

Arlene Hendrix

Betty Lou Turner

Bonnie Mellor

Danny Bottoms

Dawn Ippolito

Debbie Injaychock

Dorothy Driscoll

Dottie  Ennis

Elizabeth Smith

Elsa Sinicrope

Gail Sammond

Janet  Stuart

Jeri Spinella

Joanne Bryson

Joni Wavra

Joy Rose

Karen Brommer

Kathryn Martinson

Linda Burton

Linda Grace

Lisa Broward

Mary M. (Teed) Poe

Maxine Roy

Michelle  Barrell

Noelle Holland

Pat Strickland

Patti Hicks

Rachel Kinback

Rhonnie Leder

Rosemary Metal

Sadler Poe

Selena Kittrell

Vincent Ippolito

Wendell Nuckols

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