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A Thanks to Those Who Make This Possible 

A very big thank you from CHS to all of our Benefactors, Corporate Sponsors, and other shining stars. We couldn’t do what we do without your support!


Leadership Level

Linda and Mark Quick


Heritage Level

Kathy and Joe Sanderson


Preservation Level

Joanne and David Cooper

George E. Crouch Foundation 

Historic Level

Kathleen and Bob Carroll

Bette Hines

Melissa and Andrew Hudson

Mille and Bob Lathan  

Teed and Sadler Poe

Linda Benge and Paul Robshaw

Patricia Thomas and Henry Waszkowski

Cultural Level

Peggy and J.F. Bryan

John and Charlie Coker

Kim and Bill Coward

Kimberly and Marshall Criser

Ann and Joe Frierson

Carro and Billy Gardner  

Connie Haire

Doreen Hastings and John Warren

Kelly Harrison   

Elizabeth Heard

Allison and Ben Hill

Sondra and Mike Hogan 

Katherine and Harold Howe

Cultural Level (Continued)

Martha Rivers Ingram

Glenna and Paul Maney

Marcia and John McCarley

Janet and Will McKnight

Steven and Sheila Miller Foundation

Cindy and Richard Moore

Mrs. Thomas Murphy 

Barbara W. Parker

Alec L. Poitevint II  

Eric Ross Interiors 

Bromley and Jack Sharrett

Mary Ann and Buddy Skinner

Sweetwater Builders, Inc.

Emile and Clay Shaw

Ellen and Nat Turner

Peggy and John Warner

Friend Level

Vanna D. Cameron

Lynn and Ed Cassady 

Rachel and Christopher Dyer

Anne and Til Hazel

Linda and Phil Maddox

Cassandra and Jim Manley 

The Florence Mauboules Charitable Trust

Kirk Moore

Ruth and Jack Morse

Megan and John Murdock II

Trillium Land & Realty Company, LLC  

With special consideration to our committee members and organizations:

Flavia Harton, Ashley Monday, Kirk Moore, Sandi Rogers, Rachel Rogers, Brad Hanner, Katherine Ford, Tanner Csonka, Arlene Hendrix, Bette Hines, Teed Poe, Megan Murdock, John Murdock, Anne McKee Austin, Beth Townsend, Liz Harris, Jay Hurt, Clayton Johansen, Michael Fernandes, Kayla Dancy, Ben Harris, Lauren Bennett, Andrew Hudson, Wendell Nuckols, Sandy Barrow, Maggie Sowell, Abby Spiro, Chad Wade, Suzy Abuza, Marni Reynolds, Summit Charter School, Professional Party Rentals, Kate Martensen, Michael Seabrook, Tim Dearth, Brett Stewart, Daniel Fletcher, John Garcia, Jessica Smith, Fiddlehead Designs, Malinda Allen, Oakleaf, Doreen Hastings 





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Letter from CHS Chairman,


Hello friends! What a year! We will forever remember 2020. I am so happy to think that the Cashiers Historical Society’s 2020 Designers Showhouse will become a bright, shining beacon in an otherwise challenging year.


The teamwork and comradery among the Silver Run Reserve team, the talented designers, vendors, in-kind sponsors, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, and CHS, can be forever used to define the term “dream team!”At the helm of this ship of dreams is Melissa Warren Hudson. She has flawlessly held the rudder during constant COVID-19 compass changes, always smiling, enthusiastic, and driven. I will personally walk away from this year’s Showhouse with a much-loved new friend and perhaps co-conspirator for future CHS adventures.


Jay Hurt, Michael Fernandes, Liz Harris...we will be forever grateful for your help, kindness, and generosity, sharing Silver Run with us. A magical place whose imprint on the Cashiers scene is much anticipated! So, friends, be inspired, be entertained, be educated, be happy whilst being aware and responsible. Let's enjoy this marvelous moment safely.


Kirk Moore

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