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Letter from the Chairman of 2019 Showhouse and CHS Chairman

_Kirk Moore Chairman, photo cred Ginger

Letter from the Executive Director

For me the term “magical mountains” is no better defined than from the point of view of “HorseCove.” Just look up! See the crazy quilts of deciduous and evergreen trees stitched onto the elevations that protect and shield the cove. Our particular vantage for the 2019 Cashiers DesignersShowhouse has the dramatic Black Rock as its backdrop. Inspiration for all who come here... designers, artists, gardeners, nature lovers alike.It was a special and spiritual place for Aboriginal Americans. In the 1860’s both confederate and union soldiers quartered their horses here. In the early 20th century, artists from the low country of Georgia and South Carolina found their “mountain muse” amongst the cove’s woods and pastures. We hope that you find your muse, your inspiration at this magical mountain place. All of us at Cashiers Historical Society welcome you and sincerely thank you for your support.

Thank you,

Kirk Moore

As the executive director of theCashiers Historical Society, it is my honor and pleasure to welcome attendees to the 22nd annual Cashiers Designer Showhouse. This 11 day fund raiser is full of exciting demonstrations from special guests, artisans, showcased and handcrafted work by the talented designers, and signature gifts from our wonderful sponsors. Our organization is primarily funded by the Cashiers Designer Showhouse and through your support, we continue to fulfill our mission of preserving the heritage of the Cashiers Valley through education, stewardship and advocacy.


With that being said, it is with your participation in the Cashiers Designer Showhouse that makes our dedication to preserving the sheer beauty and history of this area in the Appalachian mountains possible. Without dedicated volunteers, staff, contributors and attendees, the Society would not be able to maintain its plethora of educational events, student learning opportunities, as well as up keeping and restoring the four historic buildings on our campus, especially the jewel of our collection, the Zachary-Tolbert House Museum. 

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This year’s Showhouse takes place at the majestic Black RockPreserve in Horse Cove, the halfway point between Highlands and Cashiers. Nestled at the foot of the mighty Black Rock that looms over this beautiful farm land steeped in rich local history, sits a modest and rustic cabin that designers from all over have worked tirelessly to transform into a mountain Showhouse. We are so incredibly grateful to Carolyn McCall and her family for letting us utilize their home and property for such an awesome week of events and merrymaking. I would like to sincerely thank all the dedicated people involved in the planning and designing of this event over the past year. Without your help, this fundraiser would not be at all possible.


After taking a look of all the great experiences and memories that were made at last year’s Showhouse, we wanted to make sure yet another Showhouse that was unforgettable. This year marks a turning point, as we return to our roots of why everyone really enjoys coming to the mountains of North Carolina. The 2019 Showhouse will be one of the most experiential Showhouses to date, with so many hands on demos, craftsman, artisans, sportsman and designers practicing their trades live. The 2019 Showhouse invites you to join us as we embark on

A Day in the Country with this year’s fundraiser! We look forward to seeing you there!


Many Thanks,

Kyle Dreher

Kirk Moore
Black Rock Preserve
Kirk Moore
Black Rock Preserve
Anne McKee, Wendy Dowden & Ann Austin
The Hooper House on Cashiers Lake
Wendy Dowden, Daneen Griffith, Anne McKee & Kathleen Rivers
Old Toll House Property
Ann Austin, Wendy Dowden, Daneen Griffith & Anne McKee
The Howerdd Home
Ann Austin, Carol Kennedy & Anne McKee
Canoe Cottage & Hickory Cottage
Sarah Nelson & Doreen Hastings
The Pinnacle at Pinchot
Ann Austin, Margaret Kaminer, Carol Kennedy & Anne McKee
Casa Dela Cuesta at Hampton Forest
Alice Stanly & Darla McBurney
The Albury-Chaiken House at the Point at Lake Glenville
Ann Hastings Viehman & Cassandra Manley
The Homestead at Lonesome Valley
Alice Scanlon
“On Golden Pond”, The Johnson Home
Millie Lathan, Marjorie Dunn & Jeri Rosedale
The Lodges at Millstone
Elizabeth Rodriguez & Skip Ryan
Mountain Top Farm
Joanie & Ed Michaels
The Nancy Hanks House
Susie & Denny Goode
Whisper Fade Cottage
Linda Pellegrini
Lynn Wirth
Lone Chimney Lodge
Kathleen Rivers
Serenity Acres
Gayle Eby
Hilliard House
Gayle Eby
Goodman Cottage
Maxine Sikes
Burt Farm
Sheila & Jim Hodges
Cottage Walk
Ansley Pridgen, Sheila & Jim Hodges
Fox Tail at Lake Glenville

Showhouse Luminaries

A very big thank you from CHS to all of our Private Benefactors and other shining stars. Wecouldn’t do what we do without your support!

Private Benefactors

Leadership Level

Kathy and Joe Sanderson

Connie and Phil Haire


Bette Hines

Community Level

Malcom S.Burgess

Teed and Sadler Poe

Friend Level

BarbaraW. Parker

Jim and Sheila Hodges

And a thank you to all those who have donated that could not be listed here in the program,you all are greatly appreciated and help us further our mission!

With special consideration to:

Carolyn McCall, Sandi Rogers, Zachary Storie, Brad Hanner, Alden NeQuent, Katherine Ford, Tanner Csonka, Heidi Perrone, Lexie Harvey, Davis Pickelseimer, Melissa Hudson, ArleneHendrix, and Kirk Moore

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